5 Social Media Marketing Strategies

5 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Promote Magazines

Despite the rapid development of digital mass media, traditional ways to transmit information are more than relevant. Newspapers and magazines are popular with people of the elder generation, it’s a common know fact.

However, there are niches like sports or the gaming industry where magazines are still worth reading and buying. In that case, it is important for publishers to know how to attract readers and make them buy your publications. Sometimes, there’s no other way than going online. To make it right, read further on and you will learn what you need to do.

You need to understand the current environment if you want to learn how social media marketing promotes magazines. It is also vital to effectively promote a magazine in today’s market. This requires you to have a good grasp and use of current technologies. Social media marketing is one of the most important areas of marketing once you have created an online magazine. It is important to know how to use these tools.

Recent US publishing market statistics show that the digital economy has had a negative impact on the US magazine industry.

Digital economy has had a negative impact on the US magazine industry

The number of publishers that can survive the transition has fallen from 46 billion U.S. Dollars in 2007 to 28 million in 2017. The average American reads only about 15 minutes per day by 2018, compared to 24 minutes in 2010. Publishers need to use technology to keep up with larger magazines that are already focusing on this shift in reading habits.

Why? Because readers love to participate in the conversations on today’s Web. When you buy a printed version of a magazine, you just absorb information but can’t share it with other readers. Online magazines give you an excellent opportunity to do that. However, a comment section does need moderation. Unmoderated comments may lead to complete mayhem on the website. To ensure a friendly and safe comment section, make sure you hire a good moderating team. For a more automated commenting environment, you might consider blocking comments that contain obscenities and threatening language. Your comment section will increase search visibilityand social media visibility of your articles. Another reason to fully Web 2.0 your magazine’s online edition is bigger opportunities to enlarge your audience. Most printed versions of magazines have their online analogs that help to drastically increase the coverage of the selected mass media. 

1. Let Your Covers Circulate

Twitter and Facebook are great ways to get your latest cover in front of window shoppers. But Instagram is made by this! LinkedIn is a great way for B2B to get their attention as well.

You don’t have much of a following? Even if your profile is new, you can still use social media advertising to promote it. However, you should work hard to build the following.

2. Free PR = Shares

You are missing out on many glowing endorsements by not using the most effective sharing tools. Free publicity online is the best form of advertising. This is in many ways the best exposure for magazines and the best way of promoting them with social media marketing.

Positive PR opportunities can be identified and taken advantage of as long as you have a social media contact for your brand. Publicly addressing legitimate issues is also possible (talk about great PR).

You can also ignore the crazies if all else fails (that can also help you gain points with your real audience and prospective customers).

3. Spinoff Content

Many online magazines and journals play a dirty, brilliant trick to make their subscribers and prospects love.

Spinoffs are what you call them, and every magazine should have them. Are you looking for great infographics that can be used as explainer material or photos? What about videos that you might have of the interview you were not able to see in black and white? Make it all real on the “pages” of your online magazine.

4. Interview with an Expert

Interviews done online with video can make great promotional videos and premium content. You can cut them up into sound-bytes for interview sound-bytes. These sound-bites can be used as ads on YouTube or Vimeo channels and organic content.

Infographics can be a great friend for technical journals. They can be used for magazines that teach yoga, training, and even guitar magazines. The infographic is a great way to get new views if you have something to share. It can also be used to spread the word via algorithms that use platform ads and rapid word-of-mouth to promote your content, such as Facebook.

5. Leverage Affiliate Influencers

Affiliate marketing is for writers who are stars or should be. Influencers can help you promote your content in the areas they love. Ice T is an old-school rap artist, but many people love him regardless of their age. If it means millions would-be singers and musicians jumping on board, music equipment magazines should offer such stars the opportunity to review the featured products on the house. You might be able to make a deal with a media star if you can find a way of reaching new audiences.

Other brands that are featured in your magazine will also be open to helping promote the article. Celebs are also eligible for the same promotion. Imagine Jay Z the next star talking up your magazine, because you interviewed him for his album or tour promotion. There are many options. There are many ways to promote magazines with social media marketing. However, you have to be creative and see what your brand can achieve.

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