Jeunesse - Fountain Of Youth Or Investment Scheme?

Jeunesse – Fountain Of Youth Or Investment Scheme?

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  • Human nature is to be focused on self-love.
  • This kind of love is expressed by paying attention to our appearance. When vanity strikes, however, we cannot help but look at the beauty outside.
  • Many brands have launched products and services to make the skin appear younger and more healthy.
  • This post will be about Jeunesse, which is a network marketing company that has grown to become a billion-dollar business.
  • Can this brand also help you make a hefty income?
  • Jeunesse – is it a fraud or legit?
  • What sets this company apart from other brands?
  • Let’s find it out

What is Jeunesse All About?

A company widely known in many countries as a manufacturer of premium cosmetics and nutrients – this is what makes Jeunesse much spoken of. But more interesting is that it is one of the world’s largest business communities, with turnover exceeding $ 1 billion. At the same time, its rapidly growing network marketing is based not on strict calculation and well-thought-out schemes, but on universal principles. Entrepreneurship and humanism, can they go hand in hand? Why not, says Wendy Lewis, chief executive of Jeunesse Global. He and colleague Kyle Copeland, President of Jeunesse Global Europe, reveal the secrets of their company’s success.

Jeunesse - Fountain Of Youth Or Investment Scheme?

It was founded in 2009, with its headquarters at Lake Mary, Florida USA. Jeunesse Global was a multi-level marketing company that was renowned for its creative promotional materials, appealing product names, and elegant packaging design. It also received inspiring testimonials from distributors. Their network grows rapidly in just a few months, with over half a billion distributors. They call this “Generation Young”. They also reach and ship to more than eighty-eight countries around the world.

Jeunesse has already made a staggering $3 billion in sales in seven years. Evidently, they all live the dream.

Their science-backed products that mainly focus on health and well-being, increased their revenue and multiplied tremendously.

Jeunesse’s success and popularity are unquestionable.

They have been awarded 79 Stevie Awards and 17 Direct Selling News Awards.

They have also been recognized as one of America’s fastest-growing companies on the Inc. 500/5000 lists.

Jeunesse Global offers one of the most comprehensive and impressive compensation plans in the industry, enabling others to realize their potential as entrepreneurs.

The company has done a great job with explosive growth in a very short time.

Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan

Jeunesse Global Compensation has been organized into multi-tiered structures based on the binary system or two-legged model.

Jeunesse Global offers six ways to make money.

  • Retail Profits: Selling Products = Happy Bank
  • Retail Sales Bonus (There are corresponding points to each product package that you sell)
  • Team Commissions (Receive commissions from the sales of your teams)
  • Matching Bonus (It pays to grow your group)
  • Customer Acquisition Incentive (More Customers = More Rewards)
  • The benefits of global leadership

To build a strong distributor network, you must sponsor two people. Position it on both legs (left or right) in order to earn commissions.

You must accumulate at least 600 Group Volumes (GV) on one side.

To get the Team Commission and/or Cycle Bonus, you must have at least 300 Group Volume (GV).

For every product that you sell, you earn a point equal to a Commission Volume. The more products you sell, the greater your potential CV.

Don’t go too far. The ratio of CV to $2 is not 1:1. However, there is one CV for every $2 spent. For every sale, there is a percentage.

If you sell a product that has a 150 CV to your customer, you’ll earn $15. A 250-unit sale will result in a $30 bonus with 200 CV.

As a rule of thumb in MLM, you will need to spend more to get the required commission volume.

A high-priced investment that pays a small sales commission.

Another example of indecisiveness regarding their compensation plan.

Left and right leg with 300 GV each and 600 GV the other can be built. This totals to 900 when you combine both legs (300+600 =900).

The above accumulated GV has a product value of approximately $1,500. Your Cycle Bonus is $35 to receive the 2.3% commission on total sales.

Are you big enough? To encourage their distributors even more. This will encourage them to repeat the cycle several times by growing their network tree. You can get a weekly Cycle Bonus of up to $26,250 in a very short time.

Is it possible? What percentage of people can afford $26,250 per week?

You must also know the difference between Personal Volume and Commission Volume. You should also know the difference between the Personal Group Volume, Group Volume, and Spillover Volume.

Each volume has its own requirements and specifications in order to be eligible for each level.

The percentage of each sale adds to the confusion. This is difficult to grasp if you’re a beginner.

Scam or Not?

Technically no, Jeunesse is not a pyramid scheme.  It’s possible for distributors to make money by selling the products without recruiting anyone into the company.  However, it is very hard to make any significant money this way or even cover the monthly sales quota. For that reason, Jeunesse is very similar to a “pyramid scheme in disguise”. As a result of Jeunesse’s compensation structure, the only way for most participants to recoup their initial investment is by enrolling others or selling products to themselves. It is believed that Jeunesse’s lower-level distributors have suffered millions of dollars in losses, while those at the top of the pyramid have made millions. So, to be a part of it or not is up to you to decide. 

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